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Whether it’s for fun or for your profession, working with your hands is a dirty job – and making a mess of your interior goes with the job. Heavy-duty Cordura-Ballistic seat covers feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance for long-lasting durability. Easy-to-clean Dura Plus and sturdy canvas keep dirt and dust from invading your interior. The flexible cushion of Neoprene and Neosupreme seat covers offer you incredible protection from liquids and a little comfort after a long day. If you're working on a ranch looking to infuse some rugged western style, Saddle Blanket seat covers might be just the ticket to a set of seat covers as hard-working as you are.


If you love to get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing, you need seat covers to keep all that fun from permeating your upholstery. An athletic lifestyle is good for your mind and body but all that dirt, dust and perspiration can end up causing an unpleasant odor. High-quality Mesh seat covers offer durable layers of breathable spacer-knit fabric to keep moisture from invading while keeping your seat cool. Neoprene and Neosupreme seat covers offer the ease of spot cleaning, a cushiony feel and resistance to moisture.


Nothing completes the look and feel of your trucks interior like a set of Camo seat covers. Made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, choose from a large selection of camouflage finishes from the popular Real Tree Line up to the stunning patterns from Kryptek. Need extra seat pockets for all your gear? No problem, check out our line of Tactical seat covers for all your covert operations.

Water Activities

When you’re one with the water, who wants to stop and worry about covering up your car seats. Preserve the purity of your upholstery with 100% water-proof Neoprene seat covers. Made of the same flexible material as high-end wetsuits, Neoprene seat covers also provide a comfortable cushion and easy spot cleaning. Neosupreme seat covers offer awesome water-resistance thanks to a special polyester/Neoprene blend for a more affordable option to keep the water at bay.


Mom, dad and the kids are all responsible for some of the mess that has made its way into your daily driver. Leatherette seat covers are a stylish way to protect your upholstery from ketchup or coffee. They offer a leather-like look with the convenience of easy wipe-down cleanup and resistant to cracking and fading. If you’re looking for a machine-washable solution to seat protection, Canvas seat covers offer a durable, water-resistant fabric that offers you a barrier from the spills, grime and sludge your family can create.


If your pet loves a good car ride – you need protection from scratch marks, slobber and shedding. Shelter all your upholstery with tough seat covers made from tear-resistant rip-stop nylon with polyester PVC backing to keep any accidents from leaking through. Canvas Pet seat covers also supply strength and resistance to water with the soft feel of cotton and the ease of being machine-washable.


If you’re in the market for something to step-up your interior appeal look to a set of high-end seat covers. Genuine leather seat covers provide a smooth, breathable feel, not to mention that extravagant aroma you love. Leather seat covers will continue to soften as time goes by making them a prosperous investment far cheaper than the factory option leather seats. Leatherette is a more affordable, easy-to-maintain option to get that leather look. The natural luxury of Sheepskin seat covers is unparalleled. Sheepskin offers strength, softness and climate-control with a durability that will last for years to come.

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