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      Lobo sang about the Georgia clay sticking to the tires and the wheat fields of St. Paul and just how great it was to be a free man—just “me and you and a dog named Boo” we're the words he so eloquently sang. The real question is, 'Did the red clay tracks from ol’ Boo leave him and his old lady feeling blue?' Well there really is no need to worry these days since dog seat covers are all the rage with pet owners who enjoy driving in their country but won’t tolerate the toll it takes on their vehicle’s interior.
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    • A close eye for details and a dedication to excellence are just 2 of the reasons why Canine Covers has risen to the top of the pack for pet travel products. From custom-made seat covers to plush pet beds, Canine Covers makes it all. And with countless Canine covers seat covers reviews to read, you'll discover real experiences from real customers like you.

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      Check out this recent Canine Covers Custom Covers customer review: Suzanne T from Buffalo, NY says "I've had both the Canine Cover and the dog for about six months. The cover is very durable (dog-nail resistant), fits snugly (dog-dancing resistant), and keeps all the dirt to itself (dog-hair resistant). I'm never afraid to throw the mud monster into the car, knowing that all surfaces are covered and nothing ever soaks through. Also, because the dog hair doesn't "catch" in the cover, I can just sweep away the dog hair and have passengers in my back seat, as the seat belts can still be used easily with the cover still in place."