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DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer
Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 Programmer
Jet Performance Module
Hypertech Max Energy Programmer
TruXP Xtune Plus Performance Tuner
Jet V-Force Plus Power Control Module
Jet Performance Programmer
Hypertech Interceptor Tuner
Superchips TrailDash2 Jeep Tuner
Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer
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    • Engines are designed for optimal performance, but manufacturers dial it back for release to the general public and in order to meet certain efficiency regulations and still run on lower quality fuels. Performance chips and power programmers let you squeal past sluggish factory settings and unleash the high-performance potential that's waiting under your hood. Performance chips optimize your ECU computer settings by altering certain aspects of ignition timing, cylinder control and air fuel ratio to name a few. These programmers give you control of your vehicle's most critical settings and functions right in the palm of your hand. Get massive boosts in horsepower and torque or enjoy greater fuel efficiency with one of these easy, plug-n-play upgrades. Need help selecting the right power programmer for your vehicle? Check out our Performance Programmer Buying Guide.

      Power programmers and performance chips are designed to allow your factory-installed ECU to unlock your engine's full potential. Plugging into performance chips, tuners and modules is as easy as it gets and the payoff is fast and furious. By investing in superchips or power programmers for your Ford Focus or BMW, you can save yourself time and money with improved fuel economy and fewer trips to the pump. If your Toyota Tacoma is struggling with steep climbs and over-sized payloads, give your hard-working rig the upgrade it deserves with one of our truck chips or power programmers. Say so-long to the stifling stock settings on your American muscle classic and unleash the beast with a Camaro chip. Don't settle for subpar performance levels when getting triple-digit gains in horsepower and torque is one simple upgrade away with Jeep Liberty performance chips. Better MPG and more power under the hood - what more could you ask for from an aftermarket accessory?

      Performance Chips In-depth:
      Your engine contains a few more secrets that you never knew existed—until now. So, tap into greater gains in performance, power and torque with Performance Chips from AutoAnything. By accessing your vehicle's computer and making a few quick tweaks, you're on the path to having more control in how your ride functions. Our popular performance chips for trucks are also a great way to increase towing ability while also boosting your rig's MPG. Overall, truck chips let you get the most out of your engine with simple plug and play features. And, when it comes to saving coin at the pump, you can rely on these fuel economy chips to help you keep a little extra cash in your pocket. Whether you're looking for Jeep Liberty performance chips, or others for your specific year, make and model, you'll find them all right here at AutoAnything.