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Automotive Glossary

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3rd brake light - The 3rd brake light is an additional safety lamp that works together with your tail lights, and they've been a required feature for all vehicles in North America since 1986. Thanks, Gipper!

5th wheel hitch - 5th wheel trailers don't tow themselves. For the muscle to pull everything from horses to campers, your rig needs a 5th wheel hitch.

Access covers - Access is a brand of tonneau covers designed and built by Agri-Cover. Known for their durability and simple installation, Access covers are a perennial favorite among truck owners.

Add a leaf - There are lots of ways to boost your rig's ride height, and an Add a leaf upgrade is one of the easiest ways. These custom-designed leafs join forces with your stock leaf springs, lifting you up and improving your spring rate.

aFe cold air intake - Short for Advanced Flow Engineering, aFe has been in the business of building quality automotive performance accessories since 1999. Their horsepower-hungry engineers toiled feverously to develop the aFe cold air intake line, some of the most respected air funnels in the industry.

Aftermarket headlights - There are expensive OEM replacement headlights, and then there are stylish, affordable aftermarket headlights. Both are custom designed for your vehicle, but aftermarket headlights give you a distinct look.

Air compressor - An air compressor is simply a device that draws air into a holding tank and condenses it into a highly pressurized state. Once condensed, the air can be used to power pneumatic tools, fill tires or run air suspension systems.

Air filter - An air filter is a specially designed sieve that strips out dirt, grit and grime from the oxygen flowing into your engine. Most stock air filters use a semi-permeable paper medium, but aftermarket filters use a more efficient cotton gauze medium.

Air intake - Your engine needs fresh oxygen for combustion, and the air intake is the conduit that draws it in. Although stock air intake systems are not the most efficient, they're easily replaced with aftermarket intakes.

Air Lift suspension - Since 1949, Air Lift has been designing and building cutting-edge air bag suspension systems. For lifted trucks or lowered coupes, Air Lift suspension upgrades do a chassis good.

Air shocks - The job of a shock absorber is to smooth out your ride quality on bumpy roads and keep your tires touching the ground. Air shocks have the added benefit of being adjustable—add more air to make them stiffer, take away air to make them more comfortable.

All weather floor mats - Because they're made from rubber-like materials and often have tall outer walls, all weather floor mats are ideal for trapping mud, muck and moisture from staining your carpet. Perfect for any season, all weather floor mats guard against rain, snow and sand.

Altezza lights - Sometimes called euro tail lights, Altezza lights are a style of tail lights made popular by the JDM Toyota Altezza (aka, the Lexus IS here in North America). They're known for incorporating stylish clusters of lights covered by a clear protective lens.

Anzo headlight - With more than 29 years of experience, Anzo USA is one of the most respected manufacturers of automotive lights. Because all Anzo headlight and tail light upgrades meet DOT requirements, they're legal for use in all 50 states.

Aries nerf bars - The year was 1997. David Bowie turned 50, and Aries turned 1. Since then, the Thin White Duke has continued to rock the charts, and Aries nerf bars have continued to dominate the tubular industry.

ATV covers - You can call them quads or four wheelers, but just don't leave all-terrain vehicles parked out in the bosom of nature without first shielding them with ATV covers.

Audi car cover - Like Acura is to Honda, Audi automobiles have always been the posh bigger-brothers to Volkswagen. Packed with power and technology, Audis are works of automotive art that deserve the protection that comes from a tailored Audi car cover.

Auto carpet - Auto carpet? Yes—it's the plush stuff under your feet, unless you're rolling around a state park in an orange work truck.

Auto detailing - Simply washing a car with a bucket of suds is nothing like auto detailing. During a detailing job, every nook and cranny gets thoroughly scrubbed, polished and primped to look better than the day it rolled off the assembly line.

Auto floor mats - By their name, you might assume that auto floor mats are self-cleaning or self-installing. No such luck. Auto floor mats are simply the liner separating your flooring from your feet.

Automotive accessories - If you feel like your ride could use a little pick-me-up, automotive accessories are sure to do the trick. Depending on which ones you choose, automotive accessories can add power, torque and style.

B&I dash kits - B&I dash kits give your interior a fresh new look. A top brand in the dash kit industry, B&I uses only the best materials and superior craftsmanship.

Back up sensor - A back up sensor is the best way to be sure there is nothing in your path when you are driving in reverse. If something is behind you, the back up sensor will detect it and give you a warning.

Baer Decela - Baer has been in the brake business since 1986, so it’s no wonder Baer Decela rotors deliver astonishing stopping power. Baer Decela rotors use the same technology found on thoroughbred racecars.

BakFlip - A BAK BakFlip tonneau cover is made to give you ultimate payload protection without limiting your truck bed access. It folds all the way forward and back to allow you easy access.

Banks power pack - If you’re looking for a way to add massive power to your ride, a Banks power pack does just that. Banks power packs deliver performance gains that are especially noticeable while towing.

Bassani exhaust - Bassani has been in the performance exhaust industry since 1969. A Bassani exhaust delivers major increases in horsepower and torque.

Bed covers - Bed covers are ideal for protecting the valuables in the bed of your truck. Plus, bed covers improve gas mileage and give your truck a polished look.

Beltronics radar detector - A Beltronics radar detector offers maximum ticket defense with minimum visibility. They detect radar and alert you if there’s a cop nearby.

Bestop - Bestop has been crafting Jeep and truck accessories for more than 50 years. They manufacturer everything from retractable running boards to Jeep soft tops.

Bike carrier - A bike carrier makes it possible to transport your bike from point A to point B. From roof-mounted to trunk-mounted, bike carriers come in several different styles.

Bike racks - Available in several different styles, a bike rack is the easiest way to get your bike where you want to go. Bike racks carry anywhere from 1 to 5 bikes at once.

Body kits - Body kits are an easy way to give your car a total transformation. They may include anything from spoilers to fenders to bumper covers.

Borla exhaust - Borla has been manufacturing top-performing exhaust systems for more than 20 years. A Borla exhaust is built strong from choice T-304 stainless steel, for better style and performance.

Braille battery - A Braille battery is a high-quality performance car battery. Whether used for a racecar or a daily driver, Braille car batteries are light in weight but full of power.

Brake caliper - A brake caliper is the assembly that houses the brake pads and pistons. Performance brake calipers have a strong bite that’ll ensure you stop on a dime.

Brake lines - Brake lines serve several different purposes. Some people use them to bridge the gap between a lift kit and their calipers while others simply want an enhanced pedal feel.

Brake pads - Brake pads are used to convert the kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy by friction. With high-quality brake pads installed, you’ll notice more stopping power and less brake squeal.

Brakes - One of the most important safety features you can have on your car is high-quality brakes. Your brakes should be able to stop you on a dime every time.

Brembo brakes - Brembo is a leading manufacturer in the performance brakes industry. Pros trust Brembo brakes to keep their high-octane rides in control and bring them to a safe halt every time.

Brush guard - No, a brush guard doesn’t guard the brush from your truck; it guards your truck from the brush. Bolt a brush guard out front and protect your truck or SUV’s front end from the feared “bash of the brush.”

Bug shield - A bug shield is an aerodynamic deflector designed to stop the onslaught of dive-bombing bugs hell-bent on splattering your vehicle. Hear that? That’s every driver in Florida breathing easy.

Bully Dog - When it comes to the big dogs in diesel tuning, Bully Dog is leader of the pack. Since 1999, the canine crew at Bully Dog has been giving diesel enthusiasts the performance bite they’re looking for.

Camo seat covers - Camo seat covers outfit your vehicle’s interior for special ops, covert missions and the rigors of daily driving. The woodsy prints let you sneak up on deer, and the rugged materials protect your seats from the resulting deer gore.

Canoe carrier - Remember when real men lashed the canoe to the family wagon with hemp twine? That was so “Deliverance.” A canoe carrier is the modern way to get your canoe to and from the river.

Car accessories - Just like snowflakes, no two automobile enthusiasts' tastes are the same. Thanks to the wonderful world of stick-on and bolt-on car accessories, these autonomous autonauts can let their individuality shine.

Car bra - A car bra is the simple, stylish way to add full front-end protection to your automobile. High-quality vinyl and a custom fit add a hearty barrier between your vehicle and flying road flotsam.

Car cover - A car cover protects your prized ride from rain, snow and sun—plus hazards like bird squeeze and tree droppings. Car covers can be custom or universal fit, and come in an array of colors and materials.

Car DVD player - The best way to put an end to “are we there yet” and “stop touching me” is a car DVD player. Wired into your vehicle’s interior, a car DVD player lets you take your entertainment center on the road.

Car radiator - The heart and soul of any water-cooled engine is the car radiator. Fluid from the engine gets directed through a maze of fins where it is then cooled by air flow and directed back to the engine.

Car seat covers - Car seat covers fit right over you vehicle’s seats to keep new seats looking new or to breathe life into battle-worn interiors. They are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and degrees of custom fits.

Car sun shades - From a cardboard foldout printed with a bail-bondsman ad to a custom shaped space-age reflector, car sun shades keep interiors cooler by blocking dash-damaging heat and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Car vacuum - A car vacuum is specifically designed to vacuum automobiles. Boasting powerful suction, car vacuums feature a host of special attachments to get you deep into the nitty-gritty of car care.

Cargo box - A cargo box clamps to your vehicle’s roof rack to deliver extra square footage for luggage and gear. Crafted from space-age plastics, they’re weatherproof and more secure than roof baskets or racks.

Cargo liner - The cargo area in most SUVs takes the brunt of the heavy-hauling duties. A cargo liner not only lines your cargo area to protect from spills, it's a cinch to clean up, too.

Catalytic converter - An EPA requirement since 1975, a catalytic converter reduces emissions toxicity from automobile exhaust. A chemical reaction “converts” the toxic combustion to less toxic by-products.

Chamois - A chamois is a specially tanned patch of leather used to dry automobiles after washing. Zero abrasive properties and outstanding water absorption qualities make the chamois perfect for auto-detail work.

Chevy accessories - Chevy owners have 2 things in common: they love Chevys and individuality. Chevy accessories are the best way for bowtie owners to upgrade, protect and individualize their prized ride.

Chevy seat covers - There are seat covers, and there are Chevy seat covers. Seat covers cover ordinary car seats—Chevy seat covers protect and beautify the seats of the world’s favorite automobiles.

Chevy tonneau - Chevy tonneau covers install over your Chevy truck bed to protect and secure your gear. Plus, the aerodynamic profile improves fuel economy and your rig’s street style.

Chrome accessories - Chrome accessories accent your ride with their illuminating glisten. They add the glitz and glam the manufacturer forgot about to just about every part of your car, truck or SUV.

Chrome door handles - Chrome door handles conceal those blasé factory handles the auto manufacturer slapped on. They quickly enhance your vehicle’s style with simple installation and a custom-designed fit.

Coil spring suspension - There’s no limit with a coil spring suspension. Coil springs allow you to drop your ride down lower than low or gain extra cloud-touching heights.

Cold air intake - Installing a cold air intake is the easiest way to increase torque and horsepower. A cold air intake installs easily in place of your stock intake without modifications or drilling.

Corsa exhaust - Corsa is the brand that stirred up the performance exhaust industry in 1989. A Corsa exhaust makes your engine roar with the release of extra horses under your hood.

Corvette car cover - Not all car covers are created equal. A Corvette car cover is crafted from durable material, custom-fitted to your exact year, make and model Chevy.

Covercraft - Since 1965, Covercraft has been the most respected name in car covers. They also specialized in car bras, tonneau covers and sunshades.

Covercraft car cover - Crafted with flawless designs and top-of-the-line materials, a Covercraft car cover defends your daily driver. They’re known for their custom-made design that fits your vehicle perfectly.

Coverking - Since 1986, Coverking has ruled the realm of car protection. From seat covers to car covers, Coverking outfits your ride inside and out with defenses fit for a king.

Coverking seat cover - Like a regular seat cover only better, a Coverking seat cover cloaks your driver, passenger and other seats with luxury and protection.

Dash cover - A dash cover is a precisely tailored mat cut from carpet, suede, velour or other materials. It shields your dashboard from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Dash kit - Treating your interior to a makeover is easy with a dash kit. Most dash kits install with ease and accent your dashboard’s contours for a quick style upgrade.

Dee Zee - Dee Zee is a manufacturer of top-quality truck accessories. For nearly three decades, Dee Zee has gained respect from the biggest automakers around the world and is even used as factory-direct accessories.

Deflecta-Shield - Deflecta-Shield outfits your rig with top-quality toolboxes and truck bed accessories. Everything Deflecta-Shield makes is crafted from rugged materials trusted to last for miles after miles.

Diesel exhaust - A diesel exhaust system amps up your truck's torque, allowing you to tow more, pass faster and enjoy a funner ride. Additionally, it rejuvenates your truck’s tone.

Diesel performance chip - Even powerful trucks need a helping hand. A diesel performance chip sends your truck into action with more load-hauling horsepower, better fuel economy and increased torque.

Diesel smoke stacks - Diesel smoke stacks give your pick up the aggressive look of a massive 18-wheeler. They also improve your exhaust flow for big rig power.

Dog car seat cover - A dog car seat cover is the perfect way to maintain your pristine interior. It shields your upholstery with durable materials to keep your seats safe from Fido’s sharp claws, muddy paws and slobbery mouth.

Draw-Tite - With over 750 different trailer hitches and 600 different accessories for more than 3850 vehicles, Draw-Tite has secured its role as the unparalleled leader in premium hitches. And, they’re still going strong.

Drilled rotors - When it comes to rotors, heat is the enemy. Drilled rotors maximize airflow across the disc’s surface, thereby lowering the blistering hot temperatures.

Dual exhaust - What's better than one loud-mouth tailpipe? The roar of a proper dual exhaust system, which gives each side of your engine their own pathways for expelling spent fumes.

EBC Brakes - Australia is known for their big knives, crazy croc handlers, and the performance stopping power that comes from EBC Brakes, whose patented Kangaroo Paw venting system keeps disc rotors cooler than Paul Hogan.

Edge products - Forget about cutlery—Edge products are some of the meanest diesel upgrades you can bolt to your big rig. Edge has a history of developing cutting-edge tuners that turn stock pickups into powder kegs of raw power.

Eibach - Although our German is a little rusty, we believe Eibach translates to "premium suspension components for performance-minded Autobahners." For serious stability, Eibach has the gear your chassis needs.

Eibach coil springs - Because stock coil springs are about as sturdy as the springs in your old mattress, performance-minded motorists upgrade with Eibach coil springs. Not only do they drop your ride height for improved steering, but they also boast progressive spring rates that respond to road conditions.

Electric winch - When it comes to winches, you have two options: you can go with a hydraulic winch or an electric winch. Electric winches are much easier to install because they simply have to connect to your battery while hydraulic winches have to tap into your power steering system.

Escort radar detector - Although there are a number of radar detector manufacturers out there, Escort has long been hailed for their cutting-edge ticket-avoiding designs. With an Escort radar detector riding along, you have the confidence to push your street machine to the limit.

Euro tail lights - Euro tail lights first gained popularity back in 1998 when Toyota released the Toyota Altezza (the JDM version of the Lexus IS), which sported multi-lamp tail lights with a clear cover. Since then, this style of tail lights has become ubiquitous, and most new vehicles sport some version of this design.

Evolution car cover - The Covercraft Evolution car cover is a mid-range car cover that boasts a four-layer fabric design. This quad layering allows the Evolution to shield against most elements, and its thicker fabric helps cushion against bumps and dings.

Extang - In the world of tonneau cover design, Extang is arguably the biggest cheese around. Since opening for business back in 1982, Extang has been at the forefront of tonneau cover manufacturing, innovating a number of technologies that other truck bed cover builders have since tried to copy and incorporate into their own products.

Fender flares - Jutting out from the edges of your wheel wells, fender flares offer both style and protection. On the style side, they give your rig a more rugged, off-road look. For protection, they block gravel, mud and grime from getting kicked up onto your rocker and quarter panels.

FEY Bumper - FEY Bumper is a subsidiary of the famed Westin corporation. The attraction of FEY Bumpers is that they're custom-designed replacement bumpers that cost far less than OEM replacements. Plus, they bolt on without complicated cutting, welding or modifying.

Fiberglass tonneau - When it comes to hard truck bed covers, you can go with aluminum or ABS. However, Fiberglass tonneau covers are the traditional material used to sculpt deluxe bed lids. Not only are they incredibly sturdy, but they're also paintable for a truly custom finish.

Firestone compressor - Think Firestone only makes tires? Think again. This mega company has their thumbs in many pies, including air suspension gear. Low-riders and hay-haulers both agree that the Firestone compressor is one of the finest tools on the market for controlling ride height.

Fitch fuel catalyst - Hate the high price of premium fuel but love the performance that comes from added octane? With a Fitch fuel catalyst riding along, your fuel is instantly enhanced to burn cleaner and improve your mileage by 1 to 2.5 mpgs.

Flexalite - It's no mystery: cooler motors pump out more power. It's all about cheating the laws of thermodynamics, and no one spits in the eye of physics like Flexalite. For over 40 years, they've been building breakthrough radiators and other cooling accessories all designed to turn down your under-the-hood temperatures.

Flowmaster exhaust - Apple pie. Baseball. Flowmaster exhaust. All three are American traditions, but only Flowmaster exhaust systems have the added bonus of boosting your horsepower and cranking your exhaust tone up to 11 (unless, of course, you're lactose intolerant and you take your apple pie a la mode).

Fog light - Driving through pea soup poses a particular problem for your headlights. Because fog hovers a few feet above the road, the light in your headlights runs smack dab into the water particles in fog, creating a blinding reflection. Fog lights, though, cast their beam low on the ground, avoiding the water molecules and giving you clearer visibility.

Fog light bulb - Fog lights give you the visibility you need to peer through pea-soup-thick weather, but they're useless without a fully functional fog light bulb. Most contemporary bulbs are halogen, so they last for years and have enough candle power to light up the night.

Folding tonneau - Tonneau covers come in a wide range of styles, but contemporary trends favor the folding tonneau design. Like origami for your truck bed, folding tonneaus flip backwards for bed access instead of rolling up or tilting. And, they're available in both soft and hard materials.

Front end mask - A front end mask protects your ride from paint-destroying bugs, gravel and road debris. And, it adds style to your ride’s front end.

Front hitch - A front hitch allows you to carry hitch-mount accessories on the front of your ride while pulling your trailer of fifth wheel in the rear.

Fuel gauge - Your fuel gauge keeps you informed on how much fuel you have left in your gas tank. And, aftermarket fuel gauges add style to your cock pit.

Fuel pressure gauge - A fuel pressure gauge is a handy tool that verifies whether your vehicle is maintaining proper fuel pressure. And, when using an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator, you can make accurate adjustments.

Full body kit - A full body kit gives your ride a complete exterior makeover. They include everything you need for noticeable ground effects and custom street style.

Garage cabinet - Using a garage cabinet for storage is an easy way to optimize your garage’s storage capacity. Garage cabinets come in a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from.

Garage floor mats - Garage floor mats keep your garage floor protected from chemical spills, engine drip and other greasy messes. And, they come in several styles and colors for you to choose from.

Garage signs - Whether you choose vintage signs or neon signs, garage signs add custom style to your favorite room in the house.

Garage vacuum - A garage vacuum is designed to suck up all the dirt, dust and dander that can accumulate in your garage. And, it can be used to suck up the dirt and debris in your auto, as well.

Gauge faces - Gauge faces add custom style to your dashboard. Lying right over your original gauges, aftermarket gauge faces can add a bright, colorful finish or a gleaming steel shine.

Gibson exhaust - Gibson has made a huge impact on the performance exhaust industry. A Gibson exhaust system unleashes huge horsepower, torque and efficiency gains.

Gibson headers - Gibson headers deliver huge horsepower and torque boosts to your ride. Each one is custom designed and dyno-tuned for your specific year, make and model.

Go Rhino - When it comes to outfitting your truck or SUV with top-quality parts and accessories, Go Rhino knows how to get the job done. Go Rhino crafts everything from nerf bars to bed bars for your rig.

H1 bulb - An H1 bulb is a halogen bulb designed for automotive headlights and fog lights. Aftermarket H1 bulbs deliver a brighter shine and a longer life span.

H7 bulbs - H7 bulbs are one of the most popular sizes of headlight bulbs for automobiles. They come in several colors, including hyper white, ultra violet, pure blue and JDM yellow.

Harley covers - Harley covers protect your hog from dirt, sap and bird droppings. And, they come in custom fit and universal varieties, available in several different styles and colors.

Harley Davidson cover - The best way to keep your chopper protected from bird drizzle, UV rays and rain is to protect it with a Harley Davidson cover. Harley Davidson covers come in many styles and colors.

Hawaiian seat covers - Hawaiian seat covers add a tropical feel to your ride’s interior. They come in several different color and style options to best suit your personal tastes.

Hawk brake pads - With more than 15 years of experience, Hawk has become a huge name in the braking industry. Hawk brake pads are designed for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Headers - Headers play a vital role in your exhaust system, unleashing huge power gains. Each one is custom made for your exact year, make and model, and is 50-state street legal.

Headlight bulbs - The backbone of any headlight has to be the headlight bulbs. Headlight bulbs provide the raw light that reflects and focuses through the headlight lens and illuminates the road ahead.

High flow catalytic converter - A standard catalytic converter “converts” toxic engine exhaust into a safer by-product before it leaves the exhaust pipe. A high flow catalytic converter works the same way but is built for performance vehicles with a high-flowing exhaust system.

Hitch bike rack - A hitch bike rack mounts right to your vehicle’s built-in hitch receiver. By placing your bicycles outside and away from your vehicle, hitch bike racks are the most convenient way to stow your steeds.

Hitch cover - Use a hitch cover to hide that unsightly cavity in your vehicle’s hitch receiver. With thousands of designs and logos available, a hitch receiver also lets you express your individual style.

Hitch grill - The ultimate piece of equipment for any tailgate party is a hitch grill. By mounting a grill into your vehicle’s hitch receiver, you turn any parking lot, camp ground or beach party into a full-fledge kitchen.

Hitch receivers - Hitch receivers fuse your trailer, hitch grill or hitch bike rack to your vehicle’s rear end. Custom made for your vehicle, hitch receivers bolt right to the frame for a seamless installation.

Hitches - Much like hitch receivers, hitches serve to fuse whatever you’re towing to the back of your vehicle. Hitches come in the form of hitch receivers, fifth-wheel hitches and gooseneck hitches to handle a variety of towing duties.

Husky floor liners - Husky floor liners are the world-famous full-coverage floor liners. They’re crafted from space-age plastics and molded for an exact fit to your vehicle’s floor pan.

Husky floor mats - Designed to deliver heavy-duty, all-weather floor coverage, Husky floor mats catch all the mud, slush and crud you can dish out. Plus, Husky floor mats are custom molded to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Husky liners - Just like their floor mats, Husky liners deliver all-weather coverage to your vehicle’s cargo area. And, just like Husky floor mats, Husky liners are custom cut for your specific vehicle.

Hypertech - Hypertech is a high-performance engine tuning outfit based in Bartlett, TN. They tweak and tune the complex computer-controlled functions in modern automobiles to make them faster and more efficient.

Injen - Injen started in 1998 as a manufacturer of sport-tuner performance products. By consistently crafting some of the highest-quality performance accessories available, Injen is a recognized leader in the tuning industry.

INNO racks - INNO racks is a world-class leader in the automotive rack industry. From bike racks and surf racks to cargo boxes and cargo bags, INNO products are crafted from top-quality designs and materials.

Intake filter - An intake filter traps and holds airborne debris before it enters your engine. By stopping the engine-killing crud before it enters your combustion chambers, intake filters are essential for engine longevity.

Intake manifold - The intake manifold supplies your engine’s cylinders with the air/fuel mixture required for proper combustion. It controls the critical function of delivering the combustion mixture evenly to all cylinders.

iPod car adapter - An iPod car adapter lets you connect your file-filled iPod to your vehicle’s stereo system. Once connected, you can enjoy your entire music library on the road.

Jake brakes - Jake brakes harness the high compression and exhaust of a diesel engine to help slow down the vehicle. When towing heavy loads, a Jake brake helps lift the braking burden off of your wheel brakes.

Jeep accessories - If there is one truth about Jeeps, it’s that no two are alike. Once they leave the lot, every Jeep gets its share of Jeep accessories, which vary in style as wildly as their owners’ personalities.

Jeep air intake - One of the easiest modifications that returns the most bang for the performance buck is a Jeep air intake. By forcing cold, dense, oxygenated air straight down the engine’s throat, your Jeep gets a big boost in performance.

Jeep bikini top - Sure, it’s fun to go topless, but sometimes it is downright inappropriate. A Jeep bikini top covers your rig with just enough fabric to shield the elements, but not so much that it blocks the sun and fun.

Jeep cargo liner - Whether it’s made of plush carpet or durable rubber, a Jeep cargo liner adds a level of defense to your 4x4. Cargo liners are custom-cut or semi-custom-cut to best fit your budget and ride.

Jeep center console - With a Jeep center console, your blazer of trails is transformed into an organized ride. These center consoles add plenty of extra room for all your off-road gear.

Jeep exhaust - A Jeep exhaust system allows your off-road warrior to tackle even more treacherous terrain and enhance overall performance. It’s sure to increase torque, as well.

Jeep lift kit - Get the added lift you’re craving to tackle even the toughest of trails with a Jeep lift kit. Each lift kit’s equipped with everything you need to give your Jeep that extra clearance.

Jeep soft top - Bikini, cab, combo or full—a Jeep soft top is an easy way to get protection from the elements, and it’s easy to remove. They come in a variety of colors, too.

K&N - Many have tried, but few have succeeded at trumping K&N’s success in the performance filters industry. With over 35 years of experience, K&N is the most recognized name in high-quality filters.

Kawasaki cover - A Kawasaki cover wraps your bike up and keeps it safe while not in use. It’s durable on the exterior, but soft against your bike’s finish.

Ladder rack - A ladder rack is the easiest way to add extra hauling space to your rig. They are the perfect platform to transport longer loads, like your ladder or rebar.

Leaf springs - There’s no limit to what leaf springs do for your ride. Use them to reach unbelievable new heights, stabilize your heavy loads or smooth out those rugged trails.

Leather seat cover - When it comes to protecting your interior and maintaining its luxury feel, a leather seat cover does the trick better than any other fabric. And, the supple and durable leather shields your seats from wear and tear.

Leather steering wheel cover - A leather steering wheel cover transforms your dull steering wheel into a helm fit for a king. Tightly wrapped in leather, the steering wheel cover provides a supple landing spot for your hands.

LeBra - Victoria isn’t the only one with a secret. When it comes to full-frontal protection and a custom-fit, LeBra is the best choice.

License plate frame - A license plate frame allows you to show off your license plate with your own individual style. License plate frames are made in a wide array of materials, designs and colors.

Lift kits - Lift kits transform your everyday driver into a high-riding, trail dominating machine. Add just a few inches or take it up to the sky with a new lift kit.

Light covers - Crafted from heavy-duty materials, light covers protect your lights from sticks and stones that are dangerous to your auxiliary lights. Plus, light covers enhance your front ends looks.

Lloyd floor mats - Lloyd is a huge player in the floor mat industry. Lloyd floor mats are custom-cut to your specific year, make and model vehicle for the ultimate in floor coverage.

Lloyd RubberTite - When it comes to shielding your ride’s carpet, Lloyd RubberTite floor mats are the most durable and low-profile way to shield your interior. They come in 4 colors to complement your ride.

Lowering kits - Lowering kits give you two options. They take your daily driver down a couple inches for improved handling or drop it low for a full-blown change for extraordinary looks.

Magnaflow - It takes more than pipes and welding skills to craft a high-performance exhaust system. Magnaflow has spent over two decades honing their skills and turning out the best exhaust systems in the industry.

Magnaflow diesel exhaust - A Magnaflow diesel exhaust system is the quickest way to add more torque and towing power to your powerful rig. It even enhances your fuel economy when you're not throwing the hammer down.

MBRP diesel exhaust - CB4 are straight out of Locash. MBRP diesel exhaust systems are straight out of Canada. Up in the frosty north, they've learned plenty a'boot designing and building premier diesel exhausts that crank your power output and tone up to eleven.

MBRP exhaust - There are a lot of companies out there who simply pull together some fat pipes, slap on a muffler and call it a performance exhaust. MBRP exhaust systems, though, are rigorously engineered, dyno-tested and fine-tuned to unlock your motor's brute force.

Mesh grill - Right Said Fred made mesh shirts popular back in the early '90s. These days, though, the cool kids are cruising around town with a mesh grill. Once a look reserved strictly for Bentleys, mesh grills add distinctive flair to your front end.

Miata car cover - They may call it the MX-5 overseas, but it's all Miata all the time here in Uncle Sam's backyard. However, your speedy roadster is going to become unrecognizable unless you protect its pristine looks with an all-season or indoor Miata car cover. It's tailor made for a perfect bumper-to-bumper fit.

Motorcycle dryer - Motorcycles are arguably the bossest invention since gun powder, but cleaning a hog can be tougher than cleaning an actual hog (think Charlotte's Web). A motorcycle dryer makes the job easier by blasting water out of all the nooks and crannies before they dry into unsightly water spots.

Motorcycle ramp - Evel Knievel knows his way around a motorcycle ramp (and well as his way around the asphalt near the Cesar's Palace fountains). Whether you're looking to do some daredeviling or just need to load your chopper into your pickup bed, motorcycle ramps make it happen.

Mud flaps - Mud flaps do more than give you a place to show off your love of Yosemite Sam and reclining nudes. These deluxe truck and SUV accessories shield kicked-up rocks, gravel and mud from spraying your quarter panels, keeping your ride cleaner and protected from nicks and scratches.

Muffler - For a well-to-do woman in Manhattan, a muffler is a hollowed out animal carcass used to keep your hands warm. For automobiles, a muffler is a sound-dampening device that turns down the volume on your exhaust.

Mustang window louvers - Everyone wishes they were Steve McQueen chasing down San Francisco mobsters in a '68 Mustang GT Fastback. But, there can only be one Bullitt. You can, though, capture that classic look with Mustang window louvers.

Neon Corvette clock - What do you get when you blend the all-American Corvette with America's quintessential road sign technology, neon? Well, so long as you toss in a timepiece for good measure, you're left with a neon Corvette clock.

Neoprene seat covers - DuPont first developed neoprene back in the 1930s, but it wasn't until the surfing craze of the '50s and '60s that the space-aged, water-proof material gained widespread attention. These days, neoprene seat covers are coveted by motorists who live Xtreme lifestyles or whose kids make Xtreme messes.

Nerf bars - Judging by its name, you might think that nerf bars are some sort of soft, spongy stick that kids use to harmlessly whack each other around the schoolyard. In fact, nerf bars are rugged side tubes that mount to the sides of vehicles, providing a helpful step up and down.

Nissan car cover - Ah, Nissan. You'll always be Datsun to me. However, a well-engineered Japanese automobile by any other name would still drive just as sweet. And, you can keep your Nippon-born ride looking fresh as a summer's day by protecting it with a custom-sized Nissan car cover.

Oil filter - Your body is equipped with kidneys to filter the gunk out of your blood, and your auto is equipped with an oil filter, which acts like a kidney (though, it's much easier to replace than an actual kidney, which can cost a pretty peso down in Juarez).

Oil pressure gauge - Maybe Tom and Ray Magliozzi have a way to discern the pressure of their oil through some sort of acoustic resonance (laughing into their air vents and listening to what bounces back), but the rest of us can simply use an oil pressure gauge.

Orbital buffer - NASA was the first to develop an orbital buffer (the ozone), but huge holes were blown into it after Cyndi Lauper discovered Aquanet. These days, orbital buffers are ingenious tools that allow you to quickly wax and buff your finish.

Outdoor car cover - Since an indoor car cover is a car cover designed to be used inside, an outdoor car cover is a car cover that's designed to be used out of doors. They're crafted from rugged fabrics treated to withstand harsh weather and blistering sunlight.

Pacesetter - The first implantable artificial pacemaker was shoved into the chest of Arne Larsson back in 1958…oh, wait. This is a definition of Pacesetter? Alright, well, Pacesetter is a boss manufacturer of performance auto accessories, but not implantable artificial pacemakers.

Parking sensor - We've all been there: you're squeezing into a tight parking space on a busy street when you hear the telltale crunch of your bumper kissing another bumper. If you had a parking sensor to measure your distance and guide you in, you wouldn't have to quickly drive away and hope no one saw anything.

Performance brakes - Upgrading from stock brakes to performance brakes is like trading your Geo Metro in for a Porsche. Not only are they faster at stopping your auto, but they also look sharper, especially when you swap out your plain rotors for slotted and cross-drilled versions.

Performance chip - A performance chip is an electronic device that reprograms your ride's onboard CPU with a more powerful tune. A delicious chip is a snack cooked in a kettle with slivered Vidalia onions and powdered BBQ sauce. One gives you thrills while the other gives you diabetes.

Performance oil filter - How is an oil filter like a kidney? Both scrub contaminants out of precious fluids. With that in mind, a performance oil filter is like the kidneys in a 20-year-old track star who has never binged on bottles of Boones Farm, and a stock oil filter is like the kidneys in Charles Bukowski.

Performance radiator - A motor that's running hot is sweating away valuable horsepower. However, a motor that's equipped with a performance radiator runs as cool as ice, generating checkered-flag-capturing power and elongating its lifespan.

Personalized license plate frames - Still rolling around with the name of your dealership lining your license plate? Instead of acting as free advertisement for the car lot, send your own message with personalized license plate frames. They come in a range of designs, from the name of your model to witty slogans.

Pet barriers - The biggest barrier to pet ownership is allergies. If that's not an issue, then it's a restrictive lease. For those who can own pets, they'd be wise to keep their pooches, kitties and ferrets safely secured in the backseat with pet barriers.

Pickup ramps - The bed of your truck is damn handy for hauling gear around, so long as you can actually get it up into your rig. When it comes to loading heavy freight, like motorcycles, rider mowers and refrigerators, pickup ramps are a lifesaver (and a back saver).

Pink tool box - If you have an endless supply of cash, you'd probably equip your garage with Snap-On tools. However, when you're looking for premium quality without the premium price, turn to a Pink tool box.

Porsche car cover - Every Porsche is a work of automotive art. However, if you want yours to look more like a Michelangelo than a Pollock, you'll need a Porsche car cover. These custom-made shields block harsh UV rays, bird squeeze and other environmental elements from spoiling your rich finish.

Portable compressor - Life would be a lot easier if you could only bring your full-sized air compressor around with you. But, no one has the leg muscles required to pull that off. That's why there are portable compressor options—they're small enough to go anywhere, yet they pack a powerful punch.

Power programmers - Power programmers transform grocery-getters into ferocious road warriors with just simple plug ‘n play installation. They boost your ride’s horsepower, torque and even improve MPG.

Power Slot - Power Slot took the brake industry by storm with their slotted stock replacement rotors. They brought a braking technology once exclusive to racecars to the streets.

Putco - From running boards to chrome accessories, Putco is known for quality products that last. Since, 1975, they’ve been at the top of their game with unique and precision fitting auto accessories.

Quadzilla - When it came to breaking into the competitive diesel performance market, Quadzilla came, saw and conquered. Their design team uses NASA-grade technology to craft products sure to keep your diesel on its A-game.

Radar detector - It doesn’t matter what you call ‘em—the fuzz, 5-0, the boys in blue—a high-quality radar detector keeps your speed machine safe from expensive tickets. Plus, they’re powered by your 12V cigarette lighter!

Rain guards - Custom-fit for your year, make and model, rain guards shield your cabin from torrential rain when you just need a breath of fresh air. And, rain guards are even quick and easy to install.

Ram air hood - A ram air hood brings custom muscle-car style to any vehicle. Plus, these hood scoops cool down your ride’s engine for optimal performance.

Ram air system - A ram air system is designed to allow greater airflow to reach your vehicle’s engine. Thus, a ram air system increases the overall power of your street machine.

Rancho shocks - When it comes to performance suspension systems, Rancho shocks take your ride to the next level of comfort. And, their assortment of shocks is just the beginning of their popular product line-up.

ReadyLift - ReadyLift is known for trickin’ out trucks. And, with their impressive assortment of leveling and lift kits, your rig is in for a customization like none other.

Rear bumper cover - A rear bumper cover adds award-winning style to the back of your ride. And, they’re designed to easily mount over your stock bumpers for a quick cosmetic upgrade.

Rear spoiler - A rear spoiler, custom designed for your ride, adds impressive style with a factory-like fit. Plus, most spoilers come paint-matched to your exact finish.

Rear valance - A rear valance adds dynamic street-racer looks to any ride. It installs easily below your bumper for a racy look, and it's custom-made for your year, make and model.

Receiver hitches - Receiver hitches allow you to hook up anything from a bike rack to a trailer to your ride. Most receiver hitches bolt on and are custom-made to fit your vehicle.

RK Sport - RK Sport specializes in custom body kits for cars, trucks and SUVs. Whether you’re cruisin’ the boulevard or taking the checkered flag, RK Sport’s accessories transform any car into a head-turner.

Rocker panel - Crafted for your specific year, make and model vehicle, a rocker panel set adds protection from road debris as well as impressive style. Most install easily with 3M adhesive.

Roll-N-Lock - The Roll-N-Lock Tonneau cover keeps your gear secure with a built-in tailgate lock. Options for this tonneau cover include a push-button remote control, cargo manager and more.

Roll pan - Common on lowered trucks, a roll pan creates a flush look for your stock bumper. Most roll pans boast straightforward installation with minimal drilling.

Roll top cover - The Pace Edwards Roll-Top Cover is custom designed to fit your year, make and model. As an added bonus, this roll top cover won’t freeze or collapse under snow.

Roll up tonneau - A roll up tonneau cover boasts convenience as well as security. Roll up bed covers easily open in seconds for complete access to your cargo—all without the price of a hard tonneau cover.

Rolling tool chest - Equipped with casters, a rolling tool chest boasts complete garage mobility. Plus, with ample space, these chests are the ultimate storage addition.

Roof bag - A roof bag is a versatile space-saver. Whether you want to store additional cargo on your roof, or bring along a gear bag—these roof bags come in various sizes and designs.

Roof bike rack - Carrying your bicycles atop your ride in a roof bike rack maximizes your carrying capacity. Roof bike racks provide a safe and secure spot for transporting your 2-wheelers.

Roof racks - If more space, comfort and convenience are what you’re after, then roof racks are the answer. Plus, roof racks come in a wide assortment: luggage racks, cargo racks and more.

Rotors - Drilled, slotted, or slotted and drilled—performance rotors turn your ride into a lean, mean stopping machine. Plus, they extend pad life.

Rubber car floor mats - Rubber car floor mats shield your car from dirt, mud and soda spills. Plus, they’re easy to wash off and slide back in.

Running boards - From trucks to vans, running boards make climbing in and out of your vehicle a cinch. Crafted from durable materials, running boards are tough enough to support you for the long haul.

RV covers - RV covers keep your cross-country driver protected when it’s parked. Made from premium fabrics, these covers shield against sun damage, harsh weather, dirt and much more.

Saddle blanket seat covers - Saddle blanket seat covers are made to order in an assortment of complementary colors. Plus, these durable seat covers are crafted from tough olefin fabric.

Sheepskin seat covers - Covering your seats with nature’s natural thermostat, Sheepskin seat covers keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sherwood dash kits - Would you like to give your dashboard a new look with a wood, metal or carbon fiber overlay that sticks in place with 3M tape? I Sherwood! Then Sherwood dash kits are for you.

Shifters - Shifters are the good old fashioned way to change gears in an automobile. Performance enthusiasts and mileage misers still prefer this manual method as it allows total driver control over RPMs and shift points.

Shock absorbers - Shock absorbers control the rebound and dampening on a vehicle’s suspension system. Suspension springs allow the wheel to move up and down, while the shock absorber helps keep the wheel in contact with the road.

Shocks - Shocks are the part of an automobile’s suspension system that controls the wheels’ rebound and dampening, keeping it in contact with the ground.

Short ram air intake - A short ram air intake is an aftermarket air intake system that shortens the path air has to take to enter the combustion chambers. Short ram air intake systems are almost exclusively use to enhance engine performance.

Side view mirror - Working much like a rear view mirror, your vehicle’s side view mirror allows the driver to monitor what’s happening on the road beside your vehicle. Mounted on the outside of the vehicle, side view mirrors are often damaged and frequently require replacement to keep the vehicle road legal.

Side window deflector - A side window deflector set channels rain, sleet and snow away from your open windows. When fresh air is on order, side window deflectors let the clean air blow into your vehicle without being drenched by the elements.

Simoniz wax - Invented in 1935, Simoniz wax is the most trusted name in automotive wax for auto dealers, professional detailers and weekend washers alike. Guaranteeing a professional shine, Simoniz works on any paint surface—auto, truck, RV and boat.

Ski rack - If you want to slalom down the slopes all winter long, you gotta get your skis to the lodge. A ski rack transports your winter sports equipment to your favorite resort just like a ski lift carts you up to the top of your run.

Skid plate - A skid plate is a thick metal plate mounted to the underbelly of a vehicle to protect vital engine components from impact damage. They're usually seen on off-road vehicles that come into contact with rocks, rubble and other trail debris.

Skyjacker - Founded in the early 1970s, Skyjacker builds off-road suspension components. With a rock-solid reputation, Skyjacker components are trail-proven by off-road professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Skyjacker lift kits - Skyjacker lift kits deliver a 1” to 10” suspension lift for trucks and SUVs. The kits include springs, brackets, cross-members, hardware and shocks for both the front and rear of the vehicle.

Snow chain - A snow chain wraps your tire with a heavy-duty carbon steel chain that helps maintain traction on ice- and snow-covered roads. Snow chains are often mandatory on snowy mountain passes when conditions get hairy.

Spare tire carrier - Not all vehicles come with a full-sized spare tire tucked neatly under the chassis. A spare tire carrier mounts to the exterior of your vehicle and allows you to mount a full-sized spare. Most often used for off-road vehicles equipped with larger-than-factory wheels and tires.

Speedometer - There are two ways to monitor the speed of your vehicle. The first is to lick your finger and stick it out the window. The second (and most accurate) is to have a properly operating speedometer installed in your vehicle’s dash.

Spyder headlight - A Spyder headlight is an aftermarket headlight designed to transform your auto’s look with a wicked web of automotive style. Guaranteed to capture the attention, admiration and jealousy of everyone on the road.

Spyder lights - Spyder lights are crafted by aftermarket light manufacturer Spyder, and designed to weave a web of automotive style over every facet of your vehicle. More than just headlights, Spyder also crafts tail lights, fog lights and LED third brake lights.

Step bars - Step bars, also known as nerf bars, and side steps mount to the sides of trucks and SUVs to deliver a boost up into the vehicle

Subaru seat covers - Custom cut from patterns specific to your vehicle, Subaru seat covers fit snuggly around your factory seats. Used to keep new seats new or to breathe life into battle-worn interiors, Subaru seat covers are available in a dizzying array of colors and fabrics.

surf roof rack - Before you can hang ten, your boards need to make it to the water. That's where your surf roof rack comes in handy. Instead of balancing your delicate board between the seats, a surf roof rack lets you haul them on securely on your vehicle’s roof.

SUV accessories - Your already versatile SUV is the perfect foundation for aftermarket SUV accessories. There are a bevy of upgrades designed to make your trusty SUV faster, stronger, safer, stylish, more comfortable and more useful.

Tailgate lock - A tailgate lock secures your truck’s tailgate with a mechanism much like the locks on the doors. But, they're only useful when used in conjunction with a hard tonneau cover.

Tailgating grill - A tailgating grill turns your vehicle’s receiver hitch into flaming-hot outdoor kitchen. Conveniently located at you rig’s bumper, your tailgating grill is perfect for parking-lot party time.

Thule - Hailing from the northern climes of Sweden, Thule is one of the world’s largest designers, builders and marketers of quality transport accessories, like bike racks, roof racks and luggage racks.

Thule bike rack - When a top-quality bike rack is in order, go for the best: a Thule bike rack. Crafted with innovative designs and quality engineering, Thule bike racks can handle the rigors of hauling your trusty two-wheeled steeds.

Thule roof box - A Thule roof box attaches to your vehicle’s roof rack to expand your cargo-carrying capabilities exponentially. With more sizes to choose from than you can shake a stick at, there’s a Thule roof box that’s perfect for your cargo-hauling needs.

Tire pressure gauge - A tire pressure gauge measures the air pressure in your automobile’s tires. This is an important measurement when it comes to tire life expectancy, on-road safety and optimum fuel economy.

Tool cabinet - Muck like a tool box, a tool cabinet is designed to stow your tools and other garage gear. A tool cabinet, though, is mounted permanently to a wall or workbench, making your expensive tools evermore secure.

Tool chests - Tool chests make it easy to keep your garage organized. Each one is built tough and designed to store and protect all of your tools and knick-knacks.

Towing mirrors - Towing mirrors allow you to tow a boat, trailer or 5th wheeler while still enjoying maximum visibility. They eliminate blind spots to allow for safer lane changes, turns and passes.

Toyota seat covers - Revamp the interior of your ride with Toyota seat covers. Toyota seat covers hide the rips, stains and tears in your current upholstery. And, they come in several colors and styles.

Truck bed bike rack - Transporting your bike in your pickup is easy with a truck bed bike rack. Truck bed bike racks keep your beach cruiser or road racer from sliding around while you drive.

Truck bed caps - Truck bed caps protect your ride where it needs it the most—along its sensitive bed rails. They keep your bed rails free from dings, scratches and dents.

Truck bed liners - Shield your truck bed from getting scratched and banged up with truck bed liners. Truck bed liners not only keep your truck bed safe, they help protect your payload as well.

Truck bumpers - Truck bumpers give your ride a solid defense against fender benders while adding rugged style to your pickup. And, they come in several styles and finishes.

Truck grills - Truck grills transform your receiver hitch into a state-of-the-art burger maker. Truck grills are perfect for tailgate parties and outdoor adventures.

Truck lights - Truck lights are the perfect way to add custom style to your ride. Whether you’re upgrading the headlights or tail lights, or adding bed lights, truck lights give your truck sleek style.

Truck parts - Truck parts are essentially what keep your truck going. Replacing and upgrading your truck parts as needed is the surefire way to keep your truck performing better and running longer.

Truck rack - A truck rack gives your ride greater utility, versatility and carrying capacity. Truck racks can handle everything from ladders to 2x4s, so you can haul what you need wherever you need it.

Truck steps - Regardless of how tall your ride is, truck steps make the task of climbing in and out a breeze. Truck steps give you just the boost your knees have been asking for.

Truck tent - Set up camp wherever the trail leads you with truck tents. A truck tent is the hassle-free way to convert your pickup into a comfy camping cabin.

Truck tool boxes - Transport your tools with you wherever you go with truck tool boxes. Truck tool boxes give you the secure storage space you need to carry tools, equipment and all of your gear.

Truck winch - Rescue yourself or your stranded friends with the pulling power of truck winches. A truck winch has sufficient reeling strength to help you overcome any obstacle in your way.

Trunk bike rack - No matter what you drive, you can easily transport your bicycles with a trunk bike rack. A trunk bike rack mounts to your sedan, hatchback, minivan, SUV or even your truck tailgate.

Truxedo - Since 1980, Truxedo has been manufacturing some of the best tonneau covers on the market. They feature smooth, low-profile designs, and each one is made with the highest-quality materials.

Undercover tonneau - When you want all the benefits of a hard fiberglass cover without the excess weight, you need an Undercover tonneau cover. Undercover uses a radical design that allows these covers to withstand heavyweight punishment while remaining lightweight.

Universal car cover - Universal car covers give your car the protection it deserves without breaking the bank. A universal car cover still provides a good fit but without the cost of a custom car cover.

Vacuum gauges - Vacuum gauges give you a quick and easy way of checking the engine vacuum for leaks or problems and testing the fuel pump operation.

Velour seat covers - More than just style, velour seat covers add a whole new level of comfort to your ride. They’re available in a wide array of colors, and they're custom crafted to fit your seats perfectly.

Vent visors - Vent visors allow you to enjoy fresh air without letting rain and whipping wind into your vehicle. They are designed to channel away rain, snow and sleet when your windows are open.

VIAIR - VIAIR is one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to automotive air compressors. VIAIR crafts a huge selection of compressors to meet the demands of hay-haulers and low-riders alike.

Volant - Volant has been improving intake systems since 1995. They were the first to develop the sealed air-filter box, the first to add air-scoops to air intake systems and the first to use X-link polyethylene.

WARN winch - Wherever your next adventure takes you, feel confident that your WARN winch is there if you need it. WARN has been designing hard-hitting winches since 1948.

WeatherTech cargo liner - A WeatherTech cargo liner is just what you need when you want the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s carpets. They’re built tough to fight back against mud, snow and spilled beverages.

Wind guard - Enjoy fresh air without being blown away when you install a wind guard on your vehicle. Made for your ride and easy to install, wind guards channel obnoxious wind away from your ride.

Window deflector - A window deflector allows you to crack your windows even on a rainy day. They channel wind and rain away from your ride, so you get fresh air without allowing rain to drip in.

Windshield wiper blade - When you need to clear up your view, you need to install a new windshield wiper blade. Boosting visibility and safety, high-quality windshield wiper blades are a must.

Yakima racks - Whether you need to transport your bike, your cargo, your skis or your kayak, Yakima designs a rack for you. Yakima racks are easy to use and built to last.