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    • Corsa exhaust systems: the quieter way to get all the horsepower you can handle. Made for everything from `Vettes to Hummers, Corsa exhaust systems are hell-bent on eliminating unpleasant interior droning resonance from the performance pipes world. And with countless Corsa exhaust, mufflers & tips reviews to read, you'll discover real experiences from real customers like you.

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      Check out this recent Corsa Performance Exhaust customer review: Santiago S from Houston, TX says "Corsa produces one of the best quality exhaust systems available. The price makes many people cringe, however, you most certainly get what you pay for. The fit is just like it came from the factory and there is no cutting or welding required. The piping, muffler, and tips are immaculate right out of the box and the stainless steel shines. The sound produced is like none other and is very subtle while in lower and cruising RPMs. Many people are dissapointed when they dont hear the typical over-bearing loud sound coming from such an expensive system. One you hit that pedal however, people definitely become believers. Combined with some long tube headers, you are definitely going to turn people's heads with any of their systems."