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    • Audi Brake Pads upgrade your braking system to give you the halting power your Audi requires. You didn't buy that Audi just for its pretty looks - you're in love with the way it performs. But, all that love can take its toll on your brake pads, so replace them with upgraded Audi Brake Pads from AutoAnything. Feel the difference a bigger, stronger bite makes for those "must stop now" moments. You'll be glad you switched to your Audi Brake Pads from top brands whether you need extra stopping power for joyrides or to save an awful collision.

      Audi Brake Pads are more fade-resistant than your stock pads. Our selection of Audi Brake Pads features semi-metallic and ceramic brakes, giving you the best quality for the lowest price. Our 1-year lower price guarantee ensures you'll never pay more for your brake pads than the next guy. For up to 365 days after your Audi Brake Pad purchase from AutoAnything, you're guaranteed that, should you find a lower price, we'll match it - plus a buck! To start experiencing quieter, stronger and longer-lasting brakes, order your Audi Brake Pads from today.