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    • Since the invention of the internal combustion engine, gear heads everywhere have been discovering ways to create more power and performance. While your stock intake was designed to fit nicely in your engine block and reduce noise output, it certainly doesn't make an efficient air delivery system. Air intake kits are an easy and affordable way to give your ride an under-the-hood upgrade that produces gains in horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Pump in a steady stream of fresh air and make your engine purr with one of our top-of-the-line intake systems. Need help selecting the right performance intake for your vehicle? Check out our Air Intakes Buying Guide.

      When it comes to optimizing the performance of your engine, it doesn't get any easier than replacing your air intake system and air filters with high-quality after market products. With this affordable upgrade, you get an engine component that increases horsepower, torque and fuel economy in any car, truck or SUV. Trade-in that stock Ford F-150 air intake system and realize your pickups free-flowing capabilities with one of our cold air intake systems for trucks. It's one of the easiest Truck Accessories you can possibly add. Bolt on a first-class Jeep intake and unlock the power potential being held hostage by your stifling stock system. With one simple step, you can breathe new life into your tired engine with a performance air intake from AutoAnything. Selecting the right air intake system for your daily driver may not seem like an easy task - but we're here to make it as stress-free as we can. Check out our Air Intake FAQ for answers to the most common questions we get asked. Whether you're trying to increase torque with a new Toyota Tacoma air intake system, beef up horsepower with your Chevy Camaro air intake or increase gas mileage with a new Scion TC intake, we've got the high-flow air intake kit to fit your specifications.

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      It's time for that little monster underneath the hood to get a blast of what's good for it—some fresh air! When you opt to install a cold air intake system, powerful gains, increased torque and even better fuel economy become the standard in your driving experience. What's more, with a performance air intake as a part of your engine's overall system, a higher airflow unleashes those pent up ponies every time you hit the gas and accelerate. And, if you're a truck owner, getting your rig dialed in with even more raw power is easy with our truck intake systems. So, if you're a huge fan of the Tacoma and need a Toyota Tacoma air intake, or any other intake system for your specific car or truck, AutoAnything has you covered. If you still have questions check out the air intake FAQ or air intake systems tech center.